Save valubale time planning sessions, creating clinical notes and searching for exercises with all your tools in one easy to use platform

What is Noala?

Noala is a digital platform designed for speech and language therapists so that they can do more of what they love, while saving time. Our platform includes all the digital resources they need for their practice; clinically reviewed exercise library, intergrated and interactive video call, session plan builder, clinical note templates includes an IPA keyboard, invoicing generator which includes a Superbill invoice template in selected countries.

How can you join?

Speech and language therapists can either join our community with free access, where they will be able to access our relevant research library to keep up to date with their CPD and online forum, so that they can stay connected with industry professionals, sharing best practices. Or speech and language therapists can join our community with paid access, gaining access to all our features available. 

What countries is Noala available in?

Our team is based in London, United Kingdom -  with our team being built globally, consisting of 5 different nationalities. Our platform is currently accessible to the United Kingdom and United States.

How is the quality ensured of the Noala ready-to-use exercises?

Our team is based in London, United Our library department is run and reviewed by our in-house clinical director, Sarah Lyons, who has been active in the industry for over ten years. Sarah founded SL Therapy London, manages/d therapy departments in the United Kingdom and globally, has extensive pediatric therapeutic experience and holds the position of Past Chair for the Association of Speech and Language Therapists in Independant Practice (ASLTIP).

Where do you find the resources needed for your session?

All our exercises are available in our Noala library and is updated on a regular basis. If you can't find a specific exercise or it isn't available yet, you can request new exercises within a push of a button on our platform.

How will Noala keep your patient profiles fully compliant and secure?

Noala is aligned with the HCPC regulatory best practice, all data is dated and time-stamped. Draft notes can be edited within 24 hours after a session and locked when completed. If needed, they can display a full audit of changes made. Noala is GDPR and HIPAA compliant.

Does Noala offer technical support?

Our team is always available to help. You can easily contact us via email or book an online meeting with us via this link.

You are interested in signing up, but don't have enough time to import all of your patient profiles. Can Noala help you?

We understand how busy speech and language therapist are and how precious time is. We're here to support you and more than happy to import your data for you. Book an onboarding slot via this link to get started.

How much does Noala cost per month?

Fair and transparent pricing is very important to us. That's why our pricing varies depending on the size of your caseload.

Are patients still under review included in the monthly cost?

Our policy is that you only pay for active patients. You have the option to pause or archive patients, which are not included in the monthly payment. When you pause a patient between two therapy blocks, you can still create clinical notes and log calls, however, you won't be able to build session plans anymore. When you archive a patient, you will only be able to view all the past sessions and clinical notes associated with that profile. 

Are there hidden fees?

Our pricing is transparent and everything is included in our price. We will never charge you for emails, SMS, videocalls or other extra options. 

Does Noala have a native app?

We haven't launched an app yet, but we're mobile friendly. If you want to easily access Noala from your mobile, the fastest way is to add a shortcut to your home screen.

What happens if you decided to leave Noala?

Hopefully this doesn't happen, but we will never force you stay. We want you to be happy and if that's the case, we will support you to export all your data from within our platform securely. 

Additional questions?

If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us via email - contact@noala.co