All-in-one platform for speech and language therapy

Speech and Language Therapy online digital

What is Noala?

✨ Noala is a platform with all the digital resources and tools you need for your practice in one place

🙌 Thanks to Noala you can

  • Access a library of exercises ready to be used and clinically approved (list of words, minimal pairs, colourful semantics, online games...)
  • Benefit from our integrated and reliable video call platform
  • Build your session plans in 2 clicks
  • Leverage efficient clinical notes templates, including an IPA keyboard and automatic PDF letter generator
  • Complete your CPD thanks to our library of relevant research papers
  • Store your patient data securely (GDPR compliant)

❤️ We've built Noala to bring you peace of mind and help you save several hours per week so that you can do more of what you love

How does Noala compare vs other digital tools?

💸 We estimate that, on average, a speech and language therapist spend from £60 up to £130 per month across multiples digital tools and platform for your patient record management system, compliant videocall provider, exercises pack, CPD... With Noala, you only have to manage one bill for everything.

😌 At Noala, we believe in simplicity. We offer you all in one place, while making sure your practice is HCPC and GDPR compliant.

How can I have a sneak peek into the platform?

👀  We feel you, we're curious too... Our Clinical Director, Sarah Lyons, shared her favorite features on Instagram live