Noala story

Speech and language therapy

At Noala, we’re here for the speech and language therapist community.

Communication is what makes us human. Being able to communicate clearly and effectively is key for one to succeed personally and professionally. Yet, at least 10% of us suffer from communication disorders. Within the Noala team, we’ve experienced this issue first hand within our very own families, friends and colleagues.

🤩 Speech and language therapists are doing an amazing job.

They help children and adults with speech, language and swallowing difficulties such as language delays, dyslexia, degenerative neurological diseases and many other conditions. They empower their patients to find their voice so that they can thrive. They are doing such an incredible job that they just don’t have enough time to reply to the increasing demand for their services


❤️ We’re here to support the speech and language therapist community so that they can save time to do more of what they love.

We listen to our community so that together we’re creating the simplest and most effective platform for speech and language therapists. We believe that by leveraging digital tools in a creative and innovative way, we can foster an evolution in speech and language therapy. We’re at the very beginning of this incredible journey and are humbled for you to join us


🙌 Let’s build the future of speech and language therapy together!