Pricing based on usage

Starting from £5 / month

speech and language therapy

At Noala, we believe pricing should be simple, transparent and fair.

🔮 No hidden fees

Our monthly subscription includes all our services. And we really mean ALL of them: unlimited library of ready-to-use exercises, integrated videocall, appointment reminder, relevant CPD library, you name it. With Noala, we care about your peace of mind: you pay once a month to have access to everything, that's it.

📈 A pricing adapted to your usage

We reckon that not all speech and language therapists are the same. Some work part time as independents, some are newly qualified and building up their caseload and some are part of larger clinics. Hence it's only fair to pay depending on your usage. That's why our pricing is directly linked to the number of active patients you're managing on our platform.

💰 How can I actually save money thanks to Noala?

Thanks to the Noala platform, a speech and language therapist can save several hours per week. With that extra time, you can choose to expand your caseload and treat more patient per month, generating an additional revenue, covering more than your Noala cost!

🧪 How can I try Noala?

We offer a starter pack at £5 per month for you to discover the full Noala experience. In addition to our integrated platform, this pack includes 2 patient profiles and a library of 5 core exercises ready to be used in your session plans.

Speech and language therapy