Speech and Language Therapy online digital

All-in-one platform for speech and language therapy

🚀 Build your session plans in two clicks

📚 Access an easily searchable library of materials ready to be used (list of words, minimal pairs, colourful semantics, online games...) and clinically reviewed

📝Leverage efficient clinical notes templates, including an IPA keyboard

📽️ Benefit from our integrated and reliable videocall platform

🔒Store your patient data securely (GDPR compliant)

Pricing based on usage, starting at £5 / month

🎒 Our £5 / month starter pack will grant you access to 2 active patient profile as well as our core pack of 5 materials

☕ Our pricing is based on your caseload. Each additional active patient would cost you £2.50 / month. That's about 0.60p / week, less than a cup of tea !

🐘 Above 35 active patients per month, we offer a bespoke package


What they say about Noala...

Laura Elwell, founder of So To Speak, specialist in children's SLT
“The Noala platform helps save me so much time”
Sarah Lyons, founder of S L Therapy London
"It so easy to use, now I always have the right information at my finger tips"

Want to have a sneak peek into the platform?

👀  We feel you, we're curious too... Just for you, we recorded the very short demo below, hope you'll enjoy it!