A modern speech practice

Discover the power of Noala, the all in one digital platform for speech and language professionals and families

We're making speech and language therapy mainstream, streamlining therapists practice and opening up access to more people in need

For speech professionals

Our all in one digital platform saves you valuable time planning sessions, creating clinical reports and searching for therapy materials, opening up access to do what you do best - helping more people.

For families

Our hub of clinically reviewed exercises across all aspects of communication development give you the opportunity to improve your skills, at your own pace and from the comfort of your home.

All the digital tools you need

Interactive exercises for everyone

Explore our library of over 200 interactive and engaging exercises, clinically reviewed to cater for every aspect of communication development.

Stay connected at all times

Say goodbye to emails and messaging apps, our secure messaging platform keeps speech professionals and families connected at all times

A refreshing, modern experience

Enjoy our easy to use online platform, combining modern design with simple functionality to bring you the best experience.

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